“I have tried many different plans to lose weight in the past. I have so much weight to lose that it feels like it’ll take forever and decades, so I get discouraged. I also travel all the time and eat out so it was always too easy to get off track. Not with the Evolv LifeBar plan, though! I’ve lost 10 lbs so far. I find grabbing a bar to take to work for lunch is the easiest thing to do. I’m so encouraged by my results and how healthy I feel! I’m ready to stick with it and finally drop this weight for good!” — Leslie Appleby, Nampa ID.


“The Bars have been great! I am down 12 pounds, and never been stronger. My wife Jenn is down 8 pounds 3 inches, Roselyn is feeling amazing getting ready for prom, and Tyler’s lean gains have been incredible.”
Nathan France, Wayzata MN


“My wife Keri and I have lost a combined weight of 24.3 lbs on the metabolism reboot so far — she has lost 10.5lbs and I have lost 13.8 lbs, all the while nourishing close to 60 kids with our Evolv LifeBar purchase. So awesome!”
Cameron & Keri Melban, Amarillo TX


“Before beginning the program, I had drifted up to 184 lbs. After (almost) carefully following the plan, I am now back down to 177. We are putting the Evolv LifeBar back into the Canadian winter!”
Thurland Brown, Winchester, ON


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