Most Commonly Asked Questions About the LifeBar

Q. Is this a weight loss product?

A. No and Yes. Your body was designed to burn fat as its primary source of fuel. But a diet that contains large amounts of sugar, trans fats, and processed foods can shift you from a fat burner to a carb burner.  The LifeBar is the most nutritionally complete whole food product for supporting a “normal” fat burning metabolism. This occurs when we consume the foods that support the proper balance and function of your fat producing and fat burning hormones and we eliminate or dramatically reduce the foods that inhibit this balance. This is actually considered the optimal health food plan for reducing the risks of all diet related concerns. One dynamic benefit of this plan is the aggressive and sustainable reduction of body fat. When your hormones begin working for you instead of against you, the health benefits are numerous, and one of the most profound is normal weight.

Q. Should I eat the LifeBar if I don’t need to lose weight?

A. Absolutely. As we stated above, the LifeBar is the most nutritionally complete whole food product on the market. It is the perfect food for you and your children to consume to support an optimal health lifestyle. It makes a great whole food meal or snack before school, during school, or after school..

Q. How many LifeBars can I eat per day during the reboot and impact phases of the Reboot Fat Burner Food Plan?

A. As many as you want. Reboot your metabolism and efficient fat burning has nothing to do with calories. It has everything to do with the right ratios of healthy fats, proteins, prebiotic fiber, and whole food sourced vitamins, minerals, and immune supporting micronutrients. Eat whenever you are hungry. Just eat right! The LifeBar is the most convenient way to eat right.

Q. Why only 7grams of protein in the bar?

A. Too much protein per total calories can be converted directly into glucose. This can work against the goal of overcoming leptin resistance. It is recommended that your total protein intake not exceed 15-25% of your total calories during the “Reboot” Phase of the Reboot Fat Burner Food Plan. 7 grams of protein times 4 calories per gram equals 28 calories from protein in the bar. 28 protein calories divided by 180 total calories equals 15.5%.

Q. Why are there 10 grams of fat in the LifeBar?

A. It takes the right blend of dietary healthy fats for your body to burn stored fat in an efficient way. Healthy fats can help your body overcome insulin and leptin resistance (see documentation under reboot page). It is recommended that healthy fats make up a minimum of 50% of your total caloric intake during the “Reboot” Phase of the Reboot Fat Burner Food Plan. 10 grams of fat times 9 calories equals 90 fat calories. 90 fat calories divided by 180 total calories equals 50%.

Q. What is the difference between the LifeBar and other “healthy” food bars?

A. It’s called night and day.

The LifeBar contains:

  • Less than one gram of sugar (organic coconut) , no trans fats, and no grains.
  • 12 grams of prebiotic fiber
  • 7 grams of plant proteins
  • The right ratio of omega3- fatty acids to omega-6 fatty acids (from seeds and nuts), plus an efficacious level of medium chain triglycerides (from coconut oil).
  • 32-40% of an adult’s total daily micronutrient vitamin and mineral requirements from fermented whole food sources (no synthetics)
  • Advanced immune system support (Immun)
  • And the richest and most delicious dark chocolate that money can buy. Guittard Chocolate Co. of San Francisco, family owned since 1868.

There is nothing close to this bar in the market.

Q. Where can I get Evolv LifeBars?

A. Evolv LifeBars are offered exclusively through EvolvHealth, where every product purchase helps further our mission of eradicating childhood malnutrition. Click BUY NOW here or on our Corporate Website to get started with your order! If a friend referred you, you can order directly from them. If you don’t have a referral, simply order from us and we will hand-pick a leader in your area to help get you your product!

Q. How do these specific ingredients support a fat burning metabolism?

A. See write up and documentation under “Reboot Food Plan”.